Welcome and meet the visionary trio shaping Ancestral Home

We are Dalia Lerner, Gisela Balassa, and Ana Cohn. Rooted in the rich tapestry of our Latin American heritage, we share a mission to imprint the way we consume with an elevated consciousness. Our venture seamlessly blends high-quality, sustainably crafted products with millenary techniques. From Dalia’s global perspective to Gisela’s fashion flair and Ana’s appreciation for traditions, Ancestral Home embodies relaxed elegance with a story.

Situated in the vibrant community of Chicago’s North Shore, our curated collection reflects respect for ancestral techniques, fair wages, and the vibrant cultures that inspire us. Join us on this journey, where each item holds a unique narrative, bridging the gap between artistry, heritage, and your home. Together, let’s shape an environmentally conscious and culturally rich approach to the way we live.


Sheridan Road Magazine – March 2024

2023 Lake Forest Showhouse Gardens collaboration to Soledad Zitzewitz interiors